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NEW in 2007!! The FIRST EVER!!

The Layman's Guide to Auricular Therapy

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NEW! The Layman's Guide to Auricular Therapy
by Bryan L. Frank, M.D.

A straight-forward introduction to Auricular Therapy and its many indications written specifically to and for the lay public. Find out about this remarkable therapy that can address pain, addictions and cravings, psycho-behavioral and learning disabilites and more. Complete with contact and resources guide. Includes 112 pages, 12 chapters, 42 illustrations, appendices & references.

Only $18.95+S&H.

Physicians and therapists may buy at a discount for your patient waiting room. Buy case of 12 for only $145.00! (see lower on this page)

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The Layman's Guide to Auricular Therapy $18.95+S&H*

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The Layman's Guide to Auricular Therapy - Case of 12 $145+S&H*

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