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Dr. Frank is an Anesthesiology/Pain Medicine and Medical Acupuncture physician living in Colleyville, Texas. He has integrated Auricular Therapy and Auricular Medicine into his energetic and anatomic acupuncture medical practice to enhance diagnosis and treatment options. He has further found Neural Therapy and Prolotherapy to be two of the most profound additions to his Pain Medicine practice of over 20 years. Dr. Frank has served as President (1999-2001) of the AAMA (American Academy of Medical Acupuncture) and as President (2002-2004) of ICMART (International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques). His teaching invitations have included extensive US symposia, seminars and congresses , as well as internationally in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, England, Scotland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

Bryan L. Frank, M.D.

"What I learned is immediately useful in my practice."
Thomas Johans, MD, St. Louis, MO


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