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The Net-3000
A Microcurrent Device

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A powerful unit
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Compares to similar units OVER $3000!

Accessory Headset

Integrated Medicine Seminars, LLC is pleased to announce the long-anticipated arrival of the new generation of the NET-3000 neuro-electric stimulator. Designed by the creator of the NET-I and NET-II auricular devices, this truly remarkable device will offer all of the advantages of the previous NET-II device for auricular therapy detection and stimulation, as well as offering six devices in one!

The NET-3000 has an LED display to guide the practitioner through the device's functions, micro-current stimulation, a new enhanced 9-volt battery, an automatic timer and safety, and a remarkably compact hand-held design. Thus, the NET-3000 will provide you with all of the advantages that the previous generation NET-II offered, including automatic stimulation of all of the 7 Nogier frequencies. This is truly the most sophisticated auricular detection and treatment device available!

In addition, the NET-3000 offers special features to enhance your acupuncture practice:

Electro-acupuncture — The NET-3000 offers an electro-acupuncture mode with standard 4-pair of leads and multiple frequency stimulation options.

“Auricular Patient Self-treatment” — An optional headset used in the NET (auricular) mode for placement in the auricular concha has been shown beneficial in the self-treatment of headaches (hormonal/PMS related, chronic myofascial, and migraine) and addictions.

“Cranial Neural Stimulation” — The accessory headset may also be used in the CNS mode for cranio-electric stimulation, reported to benefit depression, anxiety, and stress in clinics or at home.

Compare to other devices that provide less features even for just auricular therapy at more than $3000!! The NET-3000 offers truly spectacular value and multiple features for only $1,650.00 + S&H. The accessory Headset is only $200.00 + S&H. 4-lead acupuncture set is $125.00 + S&H.
LESS Comparable units cost OVER $3,000!

Net-3000 Microcurrent Device. Only $1,650 
Net-3000 Accessory Headset. Only $200 
Net-3000 4 Lead Electro-Acupuncture Set. Only $125 
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