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Auricular Therapy Seminar

You will learn to use this Net-2000 Micro-current device at the seminar
First-time participants will receive our full-color Pocket Atlas of Auricular Therapy and Auricular Medicine and the Desk Reference Card! PLUS all participants will receive an extensive course syllabus.
Value $125

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Auricular Therapy Seminar

Auricular therapy is a system of diagnosis and treatment that can offer potent additions to your contemporary biomedical or medical acupuncture practice. Its usefulness will include a refinement of your medical acupuncture diagnosis and treatment skills. Advanced Auricular Therapy includes diagnosis and treatment beyond the simple "inverted fetus" correspondence system familiar to many. Students will learn the 4 Phases of the ear, which become critical for enhanced treatment responses in chronic and degenerative conditions. The 7 Nogier frequencies and zones will further increase the clinical efficacy of your auricular input beyond that obtained with simple, single frequency treatments.

Course Outline Saturday:

8:00am-10:00am History of Auricular Therapy
Somatotopy of the ear
10:00am-10:15am Break
10:15am-12:00noon Diagnosis and treatment using Auricular Correspondence Points
12noon-1:30pm Lunch on your own
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Diagnosis and treatment continued
3:30pm-3:45pm Break
3:45pm-6:00pm Clinical practice of point identification



8:00am-10:00am Introduction to the 4 Phases and their clinical applications
10:00am-10:15am Break
10:15am-12:00noon Clinical practice of 4 Phase point identification
12noon-1:30pm Lunch on your own
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Introduction to the 7 Nogier frequencies and zones
3:30pm-3:45pm Break
3:45pm-6:00pm Auricular Medicine Introduction

"I found the Auricular Therapy course full of valuable practical clinical information that will undoubtedly augment my acupuncture practice."
Jan Hendryx, D.O., Bradford, PA


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